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"Gail helped me develop a clear vision of what I was looking for during an especially difficult time. Working with her renewed my confidence to pursue a major position that ultimately I was offered and accepted. Her insight, experience, and knowledge was and is invaluable in sorting through the clutter that takes over our lives to see what is possible. Gail makes you feel that she is in the moment with you as you are experiencing it - making her a partner as well as a guide. I highly recommend Gail as not just a career coach, but as a life coach. She put new meaning into how iDecide!"
-June F.

“Gail has been my coach for 6 months, and it has felt so good to be held by her focused, warm, powerful care. She puts me at ease with her easy laughter and enthusiasm for my success and opens doors within me to notice, experience and acknowledge my life. She is helping me on many levels: on the concrete level, she is helping me develop my own coaching brand positioning; on a more internal level, she is helping me build a positive relationship with myself, slow down, be in the moment, appreciate the impact I have on my loved ones, and become more visible and centered in my power and expertise. I highly recommend Gail's coaching to anyone who wants a champion for their highest self to emerge.”
- S. Lory
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